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The first day of SEASON prototype video production

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Having fun while working and putting the most effort into everything we do is what makes us Exzy. Thanks to all of our special friends who joined us tonight, we were so excited about this shooting. It couldn’t be better! Our lovely actresses were so cute. They were so well-prepared with their make-up and dresses. Our CEO and lead designer were really into the photographing and camera shooting. Our young and cute programmer brought the hat and jacket to make sure the actor looked cool as if they were in real pub. Couldn’t believe that we shot every scene in our xZ office, the one furnished and decorated to look like pub and restaurant by our team. The drinking-game scene and each actor’s acting really made everyone felt high, though they didn’t drink at all! Lastly, please give the thumbs up to our Interactive System Engineer for nice SEASON Interaction Design 🙂