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The first day of SEASON prototype video production

Having fun while working and putting the most effort into everything we do is what makes us Exzy. Thanks to all of our special friends who joined us tonight, we were so excited about this shooting. It couldn’t be better! Our lovely actresses were so cute. They were so well-prepared with their make-up and dresses. Our CEO and lead designer were really into the photographing and camera shooting. Our young and cute programmer brought the hat and jacket to make… Read More »The first day of SEASON prototype video production

First impression with WIMM One

Big congrats to our CTO and programmer for two weeks hard work! We were thrilled that our application “Watch Face” for WIMM was selected to be launched at WIMM App Store and we would get free device. When we first received WIMM One, it reminded us in one touch that “Watch Face” perfectly matched with the design of WIMM as the app’ s simple to use, but powerful in its functional design. Don’t forget to get one for yours …it… Read More »First impression with WIMM One

Dinner with everyone at the office

What could be better than pizza and pepsi when you’re with your friends? Working late sometimes remind you interesting things. First, you may be getting fat. That’s scary, but it reminds that you should be more disciplined and finally you may exercise more often. Second, you may have black circles under your eyes. That’s not nice, but it reminds that you should work more effective and finally you may want to learn how to do things faster. Above all, you… Read More »Dinner with everyone at the office